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Top 5 AI Achievements of Google

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

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Alphabet is one of the largest companies worldwide with a net worth of over $1611 billion. Since Alphabet is the parent company of Google and a range of other authoritative brands, it has played a big role in the advancement of the technology and artificial intelligence industry.

With that said, the Alphabet is the cause of various AI achievements in the world, including self-driving cars, speech assistance, and image search. Keep on reading to learn more about what role Alphabet has played in the development of the AI industry.

Here we look at the top efforts of Alphabet in the AI world.

1. Google Waymo Self-Driving Cars

Google Waymo Self-Driving Cars
Google Waymo self-driving Jaguar I-Pace. Picture from

Alphabet is a parent company of Waymo, an autonomous driving technology development company that operates a commercial self-driving taxi service. Waymo believes that 94% of car accidents are caused by human error.

By implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in cars, they can manufacture autonomous cars to minimize the chance of accidents. As you might have guessed, autonomous cars are powered by AI-based technology that automatically detects the route, obstacles, traffic frequency, and a lot of other factors to make a self-driving car effective.

Waymo started testing its Jaguar I-Pace back in August 2021 and according to the company, it has been a success. The company also claimed that these tests allowed them to manufacture a safe and comfortable self-driving car for users.

2. Google Assistance Speech Recognition

Speech recognition by ART Invest
Speech recognition. Picture by Irina Vodneva on Canva

Google Assistant is a speech recognition software, developed by Google. The program allows two-way conversations and works across mobile and home automation devices. In simple words, Google Assistant offers conversational interactions with a variety of tasks, questions, and phrases.

You can not only use Google Assistant to control your music, run timers, set reminders, and send messages but you can also play games and open apps on your phone using it. You see, Google Assistant is brilliant when it comes to identifying the user’s voice and separating it from the background noise – all of it is due to AI technology.

3. AlphaFold By DeepMind

Protein folding by ART Invest
Protein folding. Picture from

DeamMind is yet another company whose parent company is Google. DeepMind is responsible for developing general-purpose AI technology. AlphaFold is an AI system developed by DeepMind, designed to predict the 3D structure of a protein through its amino acid sequence. A protein’s function is determined by the shape it folds into, which traditionally takes years to discover through lab work

4. Artificial Intelligence Assistance (Google Duplex)

Google Duplex by Art Invest
Google Duplex. Picture from

Google Duplex is yet another AI technology that backs a new feature of Google Assistant. The system is designed to make phone calls for users, with a natural-sound humanized voice rather than a robotic voice.

5. Google’s Image Search

Google’s Image Search
Google’s Image Search. Picture from

Last but not the least, Google’s image search feature is yet another example of the advancement of Alphabet in the field of AI. The image search feature instantly scans through millions of images on the internet for images with specific details, according to the image you selected for the search.


The AI world is growing fast. One of the fastest-growing AI companies is Alphabet, powering a wide range of divisions working on AI. These include Google, DeepMind, Calico, CapitalG, Fiber, and many more. Simply put, Alphabet has contributed a big part to the advancement of AI.


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