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Top 5 Latest Biotechnological Discoveries in 2022

Top 5 Latest Biotechnological Discoveries in 2022 by ARTInvest

Necessity is the mother of discovery. Humankind has been supporting many inventions since long time, especially in biotechnology. The latest discoveries in biotechnology come from people who have been investing in times and money for greater good.

Here, you can know the 5 latest biotechnological discoveries in 2022 for your investing knowledge!

Genetic Editing

We have been investing in gene editing since the discovery of CRISPR, a basic gene-editing tool. This has opened many important discoveries such as transgenic animals and plants, also the cure to many human genetic diseases. The latest genetic editing discovery is PLANTeDIT. It can easily genetically edit plants, so they will have a longer shelf life. PLANTeDIT works by targeting specific gene in plants to produce more oleic oil to increase shelf life.

Precise Medication

Most medications we know have mild or severe side effects. But it’s not true for this company. Dyno Therapeutics has developed an AI-based gene therapy. It means, it can cure you with all your medical data, thus avoiding side effects in short or long term.

It uses advanced targeting vector to target a specific part of your body, so the medication won’t alter or attack other part of your body. Sounds better investing here than on your pills, huh?


Bioprocessing is a process that utilizes biological systems. One easy example of bioprocessing is fermentation, that happens in your beer, wine, or spirits. The other complex example is recombinant, a process that makes specific substance from a specific gene in a bioreactor. Insulin shots are produced this way. Proteinea, a US start-up makes recombinant easier by using insects’ larvae as mini bioreactors.


When it comes to printing, you must be thinking about ink. But now, you can “print” using living cells. This kind of printing is not like printing paper or fabric, rather to produce structure like bone, skin, and muscle using your own living cells.

Italian start-up Prometheus offers you a promising 3D printing for human tissues. It has just started a seed investing. It can really help people in needs for prosthetics, or to help people with tissue damage.

Tissue Engineering

We can now make meat without slaughtering any animal. Aleph Farm, an Israeli start-up produces sustainable lab-grown meat. This kind of meat is made from healthy cow muscle tissue, without killing it, and is grown in an enriched plates. This lab-grown meat helps reducing animal slaughter, and carbon emission from animal farming.

Final Word

Now you have known about the top 5 latest biotechnological discoveries in 2022. Biotechnological industries is ever growing than ever. It makes a suitable environment for investing, whether stock investing or seed investing on start-ups. Investing in biotechnological industries is a great choice for now and future because biotechnology always grows faster every year. So, what are you waiting for? Start investing today!


Hope this was useful for you! If so, hit the like button to make me feel good. Please note that the above content is not an investment advise and shall be considered only for informative purpose.

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