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Schlumberger Ltd - What the chart tells us

Updated: Jan 26, 2023


The weekly chart

Schlumberger SLB weekly chart technical analysis

In the SLB weekly chart, we can see that the price is in a midterm bullish trend and now it’s about to cross above the previous long-term bearish trend line.

Price crossing above the 41.5 – 43.5 resistance area which is associated with the long-term bearish trend line, will confirm the initiation of the long-term bullish trend.

Considering the momentum of the current midterm bullish trend, price is more likely to cross above 41.5 – 43.5 in the short-term bullish trend.

Also, we can see an inverse head and shoulders pattern formation, which is a bullish pattern with a midterm target of 54.8 – 57.8 area.

The Daily Chart

Schlumberger SLB daily chart technical analysis

Considering the recent bullish movement, we can see the midterm bullish trend channel. price took the resistance at 41.5 – 43.5 area and since it’s also tested the upper trend line of the bullish channel, we can expect a short-term price pullback, before price continuing the bullish trend.

The Daily 200 Moving Average line acted as the support for the midterm bullish trend. So we can expect the short-term price pullback to happen towards the 33.0 – 34.5 support area.

Considering the previous high, the pullback most probably won’t touch the 33.0 – 34.5 area in bullish sentiment, so it’s better to put buy orders preferably between 34.5 - 36.5 area, just above the support area.


Schlumberger SLB chart technical analysis

In conclusion, SLB is mid-term bullish, and the long-term bullish trend will confirm after price crossing above the 41.5 – 43.5 resistance zone.

Since we expect the short-term price pullback to continue towards the 33.0 – 34.5 support zone, it’s better to buy around that support area preferably below the 36.5 level.

We can expect the 43.5 level as the short-term target and the 54.8 as the midterm target based on the pattern formation. The current midterm bullish trend is valid as long as the price stays above the 28.4 – 29.4 support zone.


You can read more about technical analysis and indicators here:

Hope this was useful for you! Please note that the above content is not an investment advise and shall be considered only for informative purpose.

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