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Hello Dear Reader,
I’m sitting this Saturday night to write a couple of words about my investing journey and about this website.
Here the 6 points which I would like to address for you.
How did I start?
It all started in 2019, when I discovered the Etoro trading platform and decided to get my chances in investing. The great advantage of the platform was the $100,000 virtual portfolio which allowed me to make some experiments before loading real money.
I didn’t go well, but I learned some important lessons without losing anything. I recommend any new investor to do the same, try it as a game first.
After about 6 months, I decided to put it the first $200 and use them for copy trading, by allocating them to a Popular Investor. It went quite good, but shortly, I felt call to add more funds and play by myself.
The first months went not bad at all, and I applied for the Popular Investor program by myself. It went even better and my copiers were growing and growing. But it wasn’t to last long, as the Covid crisis came and I had a painful red month of March when many of the copiers left.
It was followed by a small depression, but after that I started to build my portfolio again, using various strategies, and I finished the year 2020 with about +42% performance. Meanwhile, I of course added new funds from time to time, as the Popular Investor program also increased the demands of own equity.
It was far from being a passive income
All this time, including the year 2021 up to date, I was researching and studying various strategies and approaches. I got my premium subscription on SeekingAlpha and and read many useful articles there. I’ve also read a couple of books on accounting and investing, such as Big Short, 50 Economics Classics, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, The 3% Signal, Learn to Earn and others.
I found that readings extremely useful. Many times there are contradictory opinions, but this is even better, because this allows you to see many sides of the thing, and draw your own conclusion.
Technical Analysis was not lacking, of course. I spend many precious hours by experimenting and analyzing stocks and portfolios on Tradingview and Portfoliovisualizer.
This is what I advise you also to do. Invest in yourself first by reading and studying. Knowledge is for sure your most valuable asset.
And this what I would like to help you with
I started my website and my Youtube channel to provide some educational material and share some insights by creating stock analysis based on fundamental and technical analysis.
Meanwhile, you are invited to also follow my personal investment journey. My Etoro Popular Investor account is Artenie and the non-PI account is Alex_Invest1992.
If you visit my profile, you will see that I am by far not the best PI, but also by far not the worst.
So, what will you find on my website?
Most of the useful posts are on the blog of course. The blog is divided in many sections, as it is also the investment world. You will find separated categories for Value Stocks, Growth Stocks, Dividend Stocks and Technical Analysis, but also a dedicated category for Educational Material. Feel free to also visit my Youtube channel.
I am not searching and neither does this site provide get rich quick schemes or focuses on just on how to make money online. It will most probably not include any Crypto analysis or related articles as well.
On the other hand it is neither focused on long term strategies only, so it doesn’t just provides hints on how to retire rich.
It is simply, investing from passion. Best strategy is a combined strategy, so to say: “the golden middle”.
Why am I investing?
Of course there is the beautiful dream about 6 or 7 digits in your account, but this is not the scope. The intension is to create a source of passive income, which would allow me to work only for a limited amount of time on the job I love and dedicate most of my time to my family, performing other passions of mine, such as traveling, learning foreign languages, and many other ideas which might come once I reach the financial freedom.
Who writes all this stuff?
I write a lot of the content by myself, of course. But this is not sufficient for sustaining a real blog. This is why I am searching for other passionate people who want to express them by writing stock analyses for a particular category. That helps to diversify and enrich the content provided to you.
If you would like to become a collaborator, feel free to write me. If not, I encourage you to simply subscribe and enjoy the existing and the upcoming content.
Happy investing to all of you,
Alex Artenie
16.10.2021, Romania

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